Enjoy and explore the capital city of Great Britain, London,  and home of the most dynamic Muslim community in the West, known as ‘Londonistan’ !

Places of visit available:

  • British Museum, Trafalgar Square, Parliament inc Big Ben Clock tower, Tower of London,Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace,Thames River boat bruise, London Eye, Maddam Tussads and more.
  • Football Stadium Tours: Arsenal or Chelsea or Wembley stadium or Manchester Utd or Liverpool FC stadiums
  • Cities – London,  Oxford or Cambridge University and more.

History :

Founded by the mighty Roman Empire  over 2000 years ago, capital of the Great British Empire and now a city of up to 10 million, with some of the worlds leading cultural heritage places of interest, financial centres, education, fashion, arts and political institutions and the Royal Family. Despite its small size, learn, explore and find out what and how this nation and it’s city created the modern industrial world and now with Muslims and other minorities nearly accounting for nearly 10% of the population and growing amongst the indigenous British, are shaping its new destiny in ever globalised world – The story of London is the story of the modern world! Join us, as we welcome you to our home and city!

Your guides: Haji James Rupert Esquire or Ms Jane Sarah Brown

Partner organisations

Islamic Travels are based in London and guides have over 15 years of experience organising tours and groups in this region.

Great Britain
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