As the cradle of western civilization, of democracy, philosophy, the theatre, and so much more, Greece has drawn visitors for centuries with all extolling the purity and clarity of its skies, the overwhelming hospitality rooted in its ancient civilization and the zest of life of the Greeks themselves.

Most people know that the Parthenon in Athens was a pagan temple. Fewer know that it was also, at one time, a mosque. Islam came to Greece at the invitation of the Byzantine Empire to curb the Serbs and thus the Muslims stayed for over 500 years and as late as 1913, 40 percent of the population of Macedonia was Muslim and in many parts of Thrace, Greek-Islamic architecture is cleary visible. The Ottomans called Greece – “Tourkokratia”.

This unique tour will focus on both “Ancient & Ottoman Greece” and includes all
the major centres of sites and attraction of cultural, historical importance
as well as, enough time to enjoy the sun!The package includes:

All local transportation, breakfast, accommodation, local Greek Muslim guides and entrance fees to sights, museums and more.

Places of visit include:

  • The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum
    Syntagma square
    Lykavitos Hill
    The National
    Archaeological Museum
    Temple of Olympian Zeus
    Peireos port
    Ottoman Tzistarakis Mosque in Monastiraki
    Fatih Sultan the Conquerer Mosque
    Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
    Bathhouse of the Winds
    Arab-Hellenic Cultural Centre
    And much more

Optional ( NOT included but addtional charge):

  • Ferry Boats to the Greek Islands
    Athen Beaches
    Ancient Greek Theatre on Homer, Plato & Aristotle

Your guide:  Dr Abu Yaasir Stefanos Kefokeris (Greece)

Partner organisations

Dr Kefokeris is Greek and after many years of studying various religions
and lifestyles he accepted Islam in 1992. A polyglot, majored Political Science
and Phd in “Islamic Heritage in Europe” from the University of Cologne. He has
travelled extensively across the world, and is a Director of a travel agency
called StudyTours Ltd. He has keen interest in the development of Islam and
Muslims in Greece, and has beem lecturing for the last 15 years through an
organisation called Greekmuslims and recently held a major conference in
Athens, hightling the Islamic Heritage of Greece.

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