The Story of Prophet Noah (Nuh) (as) is well established in the Quran and
Sunnah. But where did the Ark finally rest ? We are told in the Quran:

And it was said, “O earth, swallow your water, and O sky, withhold [your rain].
” And the water subsided, and the matter was accomplished, and the ship
came to rest on the [mountain of] Judiyy. And it was said, “Away with
the wrongdoing people.”

Many explorers including Muslims such as Ibn Battuta have tried looking for
the Ark but generally it has been agreed to around the borders of
Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Join us in this search, as we renew the Story of Prophet (Nuh) (as)
and climb up Mount Judi in Turkey and try to search for the Ark.The package includes:

All local transportation, breakfast, accommodation, local turkish guides and entrance fees to sights and more.

Places of visit include:

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Our tour partner has been organising tours to Turkey for the last 15 years. Kadir Demirlenk is a professional guide with up to 20 years of experience.

Noah's Ark
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