In the first decades of 19th century, no place burned more brightly in the imagination of European geographers and fortune hunters, than the lost city of Timbuktu. Like the mythical city of El Dorado, the very real Timbuktu held the promise of wealth and fame.

Visited by Ibn Battuta, is Timbuktu real, and was fought over by great various West African States such as Songhay, Mali and ruled by the Mighty Mansa Musa who built the Djinguereber Mosque which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was an important trade route but more importantly, Timbuktu was one of the great learning centres of Islam producing scholars including Ahmad Baba al Massufi and with up to million manuscripts still remain in the mosque’s mud walls and safeguarded by their patrons, detailing works in mathematics, astronomy, Islamic Law and more since the 12th century.

In this tour we will traverse the Niger River and then join the Tuareg tribes caravans into Timbuktu.The package includes:

All local transportation, breakfast, accommodation, local guides and entrance fees to sights, museums and more.

Places of visit include:

  • To updated
  • And much more…

Your guide:  Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick (USA) – To be confirmed

Partner organisations

Our local partners, speak fluent English, French and Arabic and have many years of experience of organising tours around the West African region.

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