An ancient civilisation where Prophets such as Musa and Yusuf lived,
preached and fought against oppression and tyrany amidst all the
glories of Pharaoh’s pyramid, Sphinx and Tomb. Later the Greeks
and Romans contributed but the final imprint left with the Muslims.

A nation who took up cause of religion producing some of its greatest
scholars such as Imam Shafi, Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani, Al-‘Izz Ibn ‘Abdi
-Salaam amongst many and institutions such as the Al Azhar and warriors
like Salahuddin, Saifuddin Qutuz, who defeated both the Crusaders and
Mongols and even today, “Islam & Muslims” in Egypt make an important
contribution to the wider Muslim world and beyond.

The Islamic Heritage Tour of Egypt will capture both the essence of
all the periods of Islamic Rule and Ancient Egypt.The package includes:

All local transportation, breakfast, accommodation, local guides and entrance fees to sights, museums and more.

Places of visit include:

  • To updated
  • And much more…

Your guide:  Dr. M Fareed Elshayyal (University of London) (UK/EGYPT)

Son of Egypt’s leading Historian on Salahudin in the late Gamal el-Din Elshayyal
whose students included Prof. Bernard Lewis. Dr Fareed obtained his PhD from
the University of Edinburgh in 1986 and has taught at Universities of Toronto,
Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud, Edinburgh, Salford, Birmingham, Westminster and Alexandria.
Dr Elshayyal has been a member of the advisory board of SOAS Centre for Islamic
Studies, consultant to Al-Furqan, Foundation for Islamic Heritage, London, and
HBO in the USA, member of UMO Education Council in UK and Ireland and The
European College for Human Sciences. He has been Examiner for Ministry of
Defence School of Languages, Arabic Diploma, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
and external examiner and assessor to more universities in UK and Saudi Arabia.
Recently he was Senior Lecturer in Islamic History and Islamic Sources and Head
of Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education.
Some of Dr El Shayyal’s work includes: Tarikh al-Duwal wal-Muluk, from Ibn
Al-Furat, Volume 2, Edited with an introduction and extensive study of the
work and the author. Dar Al-Wafa’, Cairo, 1997. ‘”Abbas Al-’Aqqad, & his
Journey from Scepticism to Faith”, Islamic Quarterly, 46:4, Dec. 02. “Ibn al-Furat,
an Egyptian Historian from the 15th century”, Islamic Quarterly, 47:2, June 2003.
“Relations between Nur al-Din and Salah al-Din as portrayed in Ibn al Athir’s al
Kamil fi al Tarikh, IQ, 48: 3, Sep. 2004. Currently Dr Elshayyal teaches Arabic
and Islamic Studies at both Kings College and SOAS, London..

Partner organisations

Our local partners, speak fluent English and Arabic and have many years of experience of organising tours in Egypt.

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