Bosnia-Herzegovina is an amazing country that has been recovering strongly since the war of the mid 1990s. Amongst its jewels is an abundance of mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, hospitable people and 600 years of Islamic civilisation in the heart of Europe.

The heritage tour of Bosnia-Herzegovina visiting places of Islamic, historical and cultural significance with experienced guides and it also includes a day trip to Croatia (Dubrovnik).

A great opportunity to meet local people and learn more about this truly fascinating region. We will be travelling to historic city of Sarajevo, reflect on the tragedy in Srebrenica and Mostar and other places of beauty and interest.

Our guides: Sister Enisa or Ustadh Senad Biber who are local Bosnians speaking fluent English, Indonesian and Arabic.

Partner organisations

We tailor make our packages to meet our objectives and selectively choose our tour partner in terms of quality and years of service. All our partners are practicing Muslims who have been organising tours for over 10 years. For the Bosnia, Sister Enisa or Ustadh Senad Biber of Bosnia Travels who have many years of experience of organising tours around the Balkans.

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