My salams to all of you brothers and sisters and respected elders I absolutely enjoyed the trip to J&J. Alhamdullilah. It adds a new dimension to my understanding and visualizing the holy places often referenced in
the Qur’an sharif of those historical places and monuments I’ve visited, touched with my bare hands. My get goosebumps just thinkin about it.
And my fellow musafirs in the group were all kind, polite and amiable throughout the trip and a sheer pleasure in getting to know them all.– – Mohamed Salim, Singapore, April 2014

Just wanted to say that the trip to J&J was one amazing trip I have ever encountered.Firstly I would like to thank you Islamic travels for giving us Muslims the opportunity to go to this wonderful amazing holy land.., subhan Allah!
Tours in Jordan : outstanding!Tours in Jerusalam : outstanding! Me and my son would say one thing, that this is our Muslim brothers and sisters land and it’s a duty for us Muslims to come and go freely to show the Palestinians they are not alone!Yes I was very apprehensive before going, but once you place your trust in Allah’s hand then He makes it easy.
I have returned to the UK but my heart is still there at Al Quds, my life and thinking has changed for the better … Travel the world and widen your horizons,
Thank you islamic travels with Allah’s will and your tours this would have not been possible! – Zahida & Usman, West Yorkshire – April 2014

So much history, so much to know, amazing!– Rajib Choudhury, UK, October/November 2013

Really enjoyed and spiritually lifting – Amirun Nessa, UK, October/November 2013

Jordan & Jerusalem
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