“One of the best tours of my life”. – Nasrin, UK, October 2014

“The itinerary was thorough and gave us a wonderful view of Peru, its main attractions,its communities and local food. The detailed itinerary, and the variety of the places we got to experience. My favourites were Machu Picchu (breath-taking-I couldn’t get enough of it); the Amazon Lodge stay (taking us back to nature); the floating Islands at Lake Titicaca (stunning views and interesting communities). If anything we didn’t get enough time in Peru as I could have easily spent more time there. Having someone go with us from Islamic Travels is very helpful and reassuring. I often travel with tour groups like VJV who also send reps from London on the tour so it met the quality I would expect from major tour groups.I would highly recommend this trip to everyone who is interested in travel and exploring the world. Though I have already travelled well across many countries, there is no other place like Peru. Amazing country, made possible to experience through Islamic Travels vision and support. I really enjoyed the Amazon stay because it was different and well organised”. – Alima, UK, October 2014

“I enjoy travelling particularly to places of historical interest and natural beauty. I enjoy studying about ancient civilizations and challenging myself physically and mentally. Therefore, the prospect of visiting the amazon and Inca sites was very appealing to me. I also like the prospect of an Islamic tour which allows me time to pray and eat halal food so I can enjoy the trip properly in accordance with my faith.Guides were very friendly, informative and safety conscious. Food was usually good. The itinerary was well planned. We were able to cover a lot in a relatively short space of time. The guides were very informative and open to answering questions. Our concerns about the Inca trail, malaria, altitude sickness were dealt with sensitively. The views of Machu Picchu at sunrise were truly breathtaking and well worth the journey. I particularly enjoyed the train ride and the horse riding which were a nice change to the long haul flights.”. – Siddiq, UK, October 2014

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