Snow, Ski and Salaam is a package of Islamic Travels, encouraging Muslims to enjoy an Islamic Ski holiday around the Muslim world.

Skiing in Bosnia? You’d never guess that this often overlooked destination has quietly become one of the world’s top up-and-coming winter sport hotspots. Bosnia is open for business. Along with the rest of the country’s tourism industry, things are slowing getting back on track since the war of the 1990s and Bosnia is ready to welcome skiers and snowboarders of all levels to its slopes. With fewer crowds and much lower prices than Europe’s better-known resorts, the mountains around Sarajevo offer the perfect alternative ski and snowboard experience. An amazing country with mountains, forests, rivers and 600 year old Islamic Civilisation in the heart of Europe. Add to this Bosnia’s friendly locals and breath-taking scenery and you’ve got it made. Some of the best way to help Bosnians is through tourism, run by Bosnians.

Aims and Objectives

Enjoy and relax in an Islamic Ski holiday without compromising your values

Your guide: Ustadh Senad Biber is local Bosnian brother speaking fluent English, Indonesian and Arabic.

Partner organisations

We tailor make our packages to meet our objectives and selectively choose our tour partner in terms of quality and years of service. All our partners are practicing Muslims who have been organising tours for over 10 years. Bosnia Travels is our chosen partner and Ustadh Senad Biber and team are our local Bosnian Muslims with many years of experience of organising tours around the Balkans.

About our resort – Bjelasnica Mountains, Bosnia

Bjelašnica is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is found directly to the southwest of Sarajevo, bordering Mt. Igman. Bjelašnica’s tallest peak rises to an elevation of 2067 meters (6782 feet).  Bjelašnica and Igman are synonymous with the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. Bjelašnica was host of the men’s alpine skiing events, while Igman hosted the Nordic skiing competitions. Bjelašnica is located 25 kilometers outside of Sarajevo (20 minutes from city centre). Bjelašnica is covered with several meters-deep snow from November until May, which is perfect for skiing. The downhill from the 2000-meter high starting point to the base 800 meters below is a spine chilling experience. Compared to other European ski centers, ski-passes at Bjelašnica are incredibly cheap. There are almost no lines for any of the six ski-lifts. When it comes to night skiing, the lines are even shorter.

Igman, with its highest peak standing at 1,502 meters above sea level, is excellent for the less experienced skiers. The slopes are not as steep, so this is a great destination for family vacation. Igman also has a children’s ski-lift and ski track for beginners.

The mountain Jahorina has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs in the last century:  from the start of the Great War to the 1984 Winter Olympics and the Siege of Sarajevo.Jahorina’s highest peak is 1916m (6276 feet) tall, making it the second tallest of Sarajevo’s mountains, behind Bjelašnica. The mountain hosted the women’s alpine skiing events in the 1984 Winter Olympics. Jahorina offers 25km of ski trails, plenty of winter sports and plenty of après ski.

Our hotel is located at the base of the ski lifts on Bjelašnica Mountain, and is perfect for both families and individual travellers keen a bit of skiing in Bosnia. The hotel is an ideal base for exploring the Olympic Mountains. Excellent for on and off piste skiing for both the beginner and expert skier, as well as great snowshoeing and Jet ski are available.

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