A good group and interesting experience – Salman Mumtaz, October 2011

The best bit was seeing the Great Wall! Also the fact it was catered for Muslims, so salaah and halal food was taken into consideration. I chose this tour because I have always wanted to visit China and because I had used Islamic Travels previously for Turkey (which was great)! I knew it would be catered similarly…. Now I can see that Islamic Travels has been providing tours in Istanbul a long time.. and in China Im guessing this was the first time. I didn’t mind as I am still glad I went and had a wonderful experience! – Ruqaya, October 2011

Well planned. Trip to Xian – B Ellahee, Ruqaya, October 2011

Ideal group size and friendly and knowledgeable guides Going with an Islamic tour operator removes the worry of food and prayer requirements – Mahomed Dada, October 2011

Most of the attractions/sightseeing were exhilarating and educational –Xian was a masterstroke – the pinnacle of the tour. – Fatai and Madinah Dabiri, October 2011

Provision of halal food, and advice about prayer facilities. Tour guides with local knowledge who lived there gave a very insightful overview of life there. Also opinion of the group was generally sought before making decisions which affected everyone. Previous experience of Islamic Travels was good, so was encouraged to go again. Focus on Islamic history and culture – Siddiq Fazaluddin, October 2011

Amazing trip, the Chinese Muslim guides were excellent. So much food and no complaints! Thank you so much, very good value for money and will definetely come back again to see other parts of China.  – Abu Muhammed ibn Ismail, 2008


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