The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful  leader its leader shall be, and what a wonderful army that army will be!” (Musnad Ahmad).

Emerging from the heartlands of Anatolia, and one of the longest lasting dynasties,the Ottomans spread over 3 continents with its capital, in Istanbul. This tour
will look at the glories and wonders of the Ottoman to its eventual demise in the 19th Century.

Aims and Objectives

  • Visit the main and important places of Seljuck  and Ottoman History
  • A sense of Islamic Heritage
  • Enjoy and relax in an Islamic holiday

Guide: Kadir Demirlenk

Partner organisations

Our tour partner has been organising tours to Turkey for the last 15 years. Kadir Demirlenk is a professional guide with up to 20 years of experience.

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