IslamicGPS are proud to be working in partnership with Islamic GPS, an augmented reality app that helps users find the nearest Mosques and Islamic landmarks in a very cool and fun way.

All that you need to do is open the app, click on the Mosque / Landmarks button, and then move your phone around in a 360 degree manor. Doing this will show the landmarks that are near you in a cool way. Once you find something you can easily click on the little icon that is shown and you will get information of the landmark such as the location, website, phone number, and any other information that might be needed. In addtion, just click on the list icon in the top right corner and it shows everything that is near you!

This is just such a unique way of finding amazing landmarks and learning all about the Muslim world. From finding the Qibla with the Qibla finder, to finding your local Islamic Center. It is really so simple.

DOWNLOAD FREE APP both from Apple Store and PlayStore – Search “Islamic GPS



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