About Islamic Travels

Exploring the Cultural Heritage of the Ummah

Islamic Travels is a web portal showcasing a range of innovative and culturally sensitive tours that give discerning travellers the opportunity to benefit from a holistic travel experience guided by Islamic principles.

This project was initiated by Islamic Circles, a community group based in London, to encourage Muslims to travel around the world and learn more about the culture and heritage of diverse regions whilst appreciating the beauty of Allah’s creation.

We hope to stimulate cultural exchange, capacity building, networking, support for local charities and investment, together with a general sense of solidarity with Muslim communities across the globe.

Understanding the Importance of Islamic heritage

You and your family will visit the main sites of Islamic interest and historical significance. All of our tours are a learning experience.

An Authentic Experience

Meet local Muslims for cultural exchange, share stories, and make new friends.

Unforgettable Memories

Enjoy and relax through an Islamic holiday experience which promotes peace and well-being as well as an appreciation for life.