Uzbekistan – The Journey to Khorasan and Beyond

Home of the Great Game and the ancient Silk Road, its Islamic legacy is without a doubt unquestionable. From architecture to literature, and from the Islamic sciences to medicine and astronomy, many great scholars, craftspeople and warriors have made their mark on Uzbekistan – the land of Imam Bukhari, Ibn Sina, Amir Timur, Al-Khwarizmi, Imam Tirmidhi, and countless others.

The Silk Route

The Silk Road consists of an extensive network of historical trade routes across Asia which have connected the Far East, Central Asia and Indian subcontinent with the Middle East and Mediterranean regions encompassing Northern Africa and Southern Europe. The Silk Route had several branches which served not only as conduits for silk, but a multitude of other products such as fruits, spices, paper, pottery and precious metals. Critically, these routes also served as extremely important pathways for cultural and technological transfer by linking writers, artisans, merchants, pilgrims, missionaries, nomads and urban dwellers, spanning China to the Mediterranean for over a thousand years.

Milton describes Amir Timur’s entrance into the great city of Samarqand as follows:

His eye might there command wherever stood
City of old or modern fame, the seat
Of mightiest empire, from the destined walls
Of Cambalu, seat of Cathaian Can,
And Samarkand by Oxus, Temir’s throne,
To Paquin of Sinaean kings, and thence
To Agra and Lahore of Great Mogul

(Paradise Lost, XI, pages 385-391)

This tour provide a fantastic balance between immersing oneself in the local culture, gaining a true appreciation of the regional history and context, visiting sites of importance, and experiencing the raw beauty that the natural environment offers. All of this takes place within a peaceful, relaxed and non-pretentious setting where participants and their hosts are able to be themselves.

We visit places where some of the greatest scholars of Islam lived and worked, along with renowned polymaths such as Al-Khwarizmi, Ibn Sina and Al-Biruni. In particular we learn more about the illustrious lives and achievements of imams Al-Bukhari, Al-Maturidi, Al-Samarqandi, Al-Marghinani and Al-Shashi, and not to mention the famous Muslim astronomer Ulugh Beg and mighty conqueror Amir Timur, great grandfather of the Mughal dynasty of India.

Tour Package

All local transport with airport transfers, accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, entrance fees and local taxes are included. An experienced English speaking guide will accompany the group throughout the trip. Transportation will primarily be in an air-conditioned mini-van, together with one high speed train journey and a domestic flight. International flights are not included but we can provide guidance on the best routes from your country of departure. The exact itinerary is subject to minor modifications depending on the size and composition of the group, as well as local circumstances at the time of the tour.


  • Registan Square
  • Kukeldash Madrasah
  • Khast Imam Complex with World’s Oldest Qur’an
  • Shah-i-Zinda
  • Ulugh Beg Observatory
  • Gur-e Amir Mausoleum
  • Ark Fortress
  • Mir-i-Arab Madrasah
  • Kunya Ark Citadel
  • Juma Mosque

Main Locations

  • Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara and Khiva

Optional Extras

  • Mountain hikes depending on time of year
  • Staying in a nomad yurt
  • Traditional hunting with eagles


International flights should be booked in accordance with the dates advertised and you are strongly recommended to confirm these details prior to making payment.

Destination: Tashkent International Airport (TAS)
Arrival Date: Saturday 25 May 2024
Time: Any time before 9.00 am
Departure Location: Tashkent International Airport (TAS)
Departure Date: Sunday 2 June 2024
Time: Any time until 4.00 am

Upon arrival in Uzbekistan our local representatives will look after all transportation arrangements within the country, including to and from the airport.


A mixture of high quality 3 and 4 star hotels in convenient locations with emphasis on safety will allow you to easily reach the most important attractions. Participants typically spend 1-2 nights in each city.

Standard accommodation features twin rooms with separate beds but single supplement options are also available. Rooms include en-suite bathroom, wifi connection and TV.

Kyrgyzstan Extension

Group members have the option to extend their tour to neighbouring Kyrgyzstan for 3, 5 or even 10 days depending on their time and budget. This relatively unknown land is blessed with fresh water lakes, snow capped mountains and friendly nomadic peoples. A few of the highlights include the ancient city of Osh, staying overnight in a yurt near Sary-Chelek, and strolling in the walnut forests around Arslanbob.

Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent

Registan Square, Samarqand

Kalyan Mosque, Bukhara

Ichan Kala, Khiva

“Uzbekistan is a must-visit destination with its historical sites, warm, friendly people and delicious food. Not to mention the shopping! This tour was very well organized, a lot was packed in over the 8 days, Fayzullah was an excellent tour guide, very informative and helpful, I would recommend it highly.” (Shabela, London, November 2023)

“I really enjoyed the group we had and also being able to travel with our teacher Shaykh Mujahid and being in his company.” (Ammar, London, May 2023)

“Seeing and experiencing, first hand all of these places that I have read about, seen videos of over the years and new places that I had little or no knowledge of was truly a huge blessing. The trip enabled me to not only learn of the legacies of the remarkable people that lived and travelled in these very places once upon a time. But it was made very tangible for us due to us being able to visit the graves / mausoleums of these giants and speak about their life works. We were blessed to be able to pray in the most beautiful and peaceful masjids that were built in many places too.” (Hanif, Manchester, May 2023)

“Uzbekistan is a wonderful place to visit. It is a safe, clean and welcoming country. It is also a very economical place to visit. The people are friendly and easy-going. Its tourism infrastructure is continuing to develop, the food is fresh and wholesome, and the architectural and cultural heritage is amazing. Everyone should take an opportunity to travel and spend some time there.” (Munir, Southern California, June 2022)

“Perfect dates and timing. Great pre-departure support and information provided. Itinerary, transparency and amount of relevant info on website was great. I’ve been wanting to visit Uzbekistan for some time with particular places of interest and also had confidence that there will be good communication and character when interacting with people, both UK and Uzbek staff. Other tour providers were disorganised or were rude.” (Kamran, London, October 2021)

“Smooth process and fast communication which really contributed to an enjoyable experience. I was able to wander around and the guide wasn’t ‘bossy’ but at the same time he was a good time keeper.” (Alisha, London, October 2021)”

“I went to Uzbekistan thinking this will be a nice getaway. That I’ll be able to take a few good pictures and cross another country off my forever growing bucket list. I left with so much more. I have a new found respect for the country and its people. I have learnt so much about Uzbekistan; its history, culture, people and architecture. It has been mind blowing. It is a beautiful, beautiful country. I have a new found respect for the country. A country I knew very little about befit going there. Best of all I have left with a new group of friends, that kept me thoroughly entertained throughout the trip. Friends that I do hope I will keep in touch with. I genuinely was not expecting that.” (Anonymous, London, June 2019)

“Uzbekistan is highly underrated and a spellbinding wonderland of beautiful architecture, curated rich cuisine, kind hearted people and incredible history and so much more hidden beauty! It’s an adventure that you would not want to miss out on. Islamic Travels and their partner Emerald Network really smashed it! Thank you for an incredible and memorable experience.” (A and M, London, June 2019)

“Islamic Travels and their local partner took great care of us, and ensured the smooth running of the trip. Pre-trip information was good, and as a solo female traveller, the airport pick-up was timely and reassuring – being greeted by smiling Uzbek sisters who accompanied the driver was a positive start! The local partner went out of their way to ensure the smooth running of the trip, and to assist with lost luggage issues that a few people suffered from. The guide was excellent in terms of knowledge, communication and friendliness. I would definitely recommend Islamic Travels to anyone thinking of visiting Uzbekistan.” (Yasmin, UK, June 2019)

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