Bosnia: Mountains, Rivers & Mosques

Bosnia-Herzegovina is an amazing country that has been recovering strongly since the war of the mid 1990s. Amongst its jewels is an abundance of mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, hospitable people and 600 years of Islamic civilisation in the heart of Europe.

The heritage tour of Bosnia-Herzegovina visiting places of Islamic, historical and cultural significance with experienced guides. A great opportunity to meet local people and learn more about this truly fascinating region. We will be travelling to historic city of Sarajevo, reflect on the tragedy in Srebrenica and Mostar and other places of beauty and interest.

Our guides: Sister Enisa and team who are local Bosnians speaking fluent English, Indonesian and Arabic who have many years of experience of organising tours around the Balkans.

The package includes:

The package comes without flights but includes local transportation, breakfast only, 3* hotel accommodation. Lunch and dinner is not provided but can be arranged our guide. The food we offer is good wholesome and indigenous to the area, thus giving an authentic feel of the tour. Main entrance fees to sights/museums mentioned below. Each day there will be a brief for the day, spiritual reminders throughout the day with important historical facts and points by our guide and an evening summary.


Baščaršija area including National Library
Sebilj Fountain, Baščaršija Mosque,
Ferhadija, Old Orthodox Church, Morića Han
Gazi-Husrevbey Madrasa
Tunnel of Hope
The Spring of the river Bosna (Vrelo Bosne)
Olympic mountain Bjelasnica
Nahla Women’s Centre
Mostar Old Bridge
Alija Izetbegovic museum
Svrzo House
Martyrs Cemetery
Pliva Waterfall
Pasha’s Madrassah
Colored (Sulejmania) Mosque
Travnik Fortres
and more.

Main Locations:

Konjic, Mostar and Blagaj
Travnik and Jajce

Addition Locations for Extended Tours:

Croatia (Dubrovnik)


As flights to Bosnia and return are not included in the package, you are advised to make flights according to the dates advertised. Austrian Airlines or Lufthansa Airlines are the most frequent flyers or Turkish Airlines.

Destination: Sarajevo International Airport [Code: SJJ]
Time: Any time after Midday and early afternoon to allow for jet lag and rest

Departure: Your return country of origin or else
Time: Any time after breakfast or your preferred time

Upon arrival to Bosnia, our local operatives will take over all transportation within Bosnia i.e. to hotel, back to airport and during tour.


3 Star hotels in a convenient location will allow you to easily reach the most famous tourist attractions in Sarajevo, Srebrenica and Mostar.

Rooms: 2 beds to a room or 1 double bed for couples or 3 beds for larger families, en-suite shower and toilet , air-conditioning, internet connection, heating, balcony, phone, hairdryer, satellite TV and more.

I very much enjoyed the trip as Bosnia is a very beautiful and scenic country and I thank the organisers for putting it together. All around I think it was a good trip. Esma, September 2017

The Balkans tour gave an amazing oversight of the culture and atrocities that have taken place in Bosnia. The tour was the right amount of sight seeing and relaxation. The tour guide was just amazing and very knowledgeable about Bosnia. We were given a lot of flexibility and the tour guide worked around the groups wishes. Being a vegetarian, the tour guide ensured that everyones dietary requirements were also met. There was so much more to see in Bosnia and 7 days was just not long enough. Wish we had more time in Mostar. Tanveer, September 2017

Islamic Travels, Jazak’Allah Khair for giving us the opportunity to travel to Bosnia. It was a much needed and enjoyable break. All in all the overall experience was good alhamdulillah and satisfying. Just thought I leave you some feedback. I found the accommodation very comfortable, there was still more to see and do. An extended package of a few days extra may attract a wider audience in’sha’Allah. The rest was value for money alhamdulillah. The group clicked and the tour guide was brilliant and made us feel comfortable. Logistically everything went smoothly, and there was no pressure on me to sort out anything else as most of it was taken care of. I will definitely recommend this trip and group to others.  Abdul Hamid, September 2017

Overall the trip was an amazing experience both in terms of the insight into Bosnia’s culture and heritage as well as the travelling group themselves. Our tour guide was extremely helpful and friendly and felt more like a buddy at times. He was very flexible and accommodating, prioritising enjoyment over schedule, was also very knowledgeable on history and religion, which is important for an Islamic heritage tour, we enjoyed local food stops throughout the trip, my overall my experience of the trip was overwhelmingly positive. The trip was generally hassle-free from the moment we landed to our departure, I learned a lot more about Bosnia and its very colourful heritage than I expected, and I enjoyed the companionship of like-minded and diverse group of travel buddies which made the whole experience highly memorable. I would certainly consider going on Islamic Travels tours in future and would recommend them to friends also.  Raihan, September 2017

I was pleasantly shocked at how beautiful and picturesque Bosnia is, the mixture of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, mixed in with culture and history is awesome. Having also travelled to Srebrenica as part of the tour, we were overcome with a deep sorrow but we also felt as a consequence a connection with the people, to support them and tell others about their struggles and their courage to overcome such evil that took place, we could have not gone there but having had the experience this made our connection with Bosnia even stronger. From that experience we were able to see how the people are recovering and rebuilding themselves and their future and that is very humbling. We travelled to different cities including Mostar and Sarajevo. All at once you can be part of the old and the new, and as a Muslim could connect to the Islamic heritage that is there, there are Masjids everywhere, tekkiyas, some are so old, when you walk in you feel a connection to the past. You can only sing the praises of Allah as you travel through Bosnia, and since it is an Islamic tour, there were many tears of joy and wonder at what we saw. We stayed in halal hotels, where no alcohol was sold and we ate at halal restaurants and food stalls. Our female guide Selma was timely professional and very knowledgeable, she went beyond her duties to provide us with an excellent experience. As we were a female only group I am so pleased that we had a female guide. It made the experience even more easy for us. She was able to understand our likes and dislikes very quickly and even went out of her way to help me go somewhere that was not part of the tour. Sarajevo is an incredibly lively place that both young and old can enjoy. The food is incredibly cheap, and very good quality and organic. Our driver was excellent, he drove so well and safely just like a family member would. We have had some harrowing experiences in many parts of the world, so this was excellent. I have had the privilege of travelling all over the world but Bosnia is a place that has left a resonating effect on my heart inshallah I will be going there again. was extremely professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. We wanted an Islamic holiday somewhere we have not been before. Although it was costly ( peak season, and last minute) I am really pleased we did this as a family and we learnt so much and enjoyed ourselves. Bosnia is a country every Muslim should travel to. Saleha Islam, August  2017

I wanted to visit Bosnia with a focus on the history and culture from an islamic perspective, travelling with other muslims. The islamic perspective, catering for needs of muslims eg awarenss about halal food, visitn mosques and islamic history sites The guide who was able to share her persnal experience which gave us greater insight into the hisotry of the country.
The honesty and integrity of the guide as a person, The helpful and safe driver who took us many miles through the beautiful county.  The variety of sightseeing tours through landscape, gave balance to the more harrowing visits to Sebrenica, and intersperced with days spent in Sarajevo at nuseums and other signts. The support offered by the tour guide and hotel staff when one of our party had to return home early A good overview of the county, its hisroty and people, with regard to the requirements of travelling muslims   Catherine Aganoglu, August  2016

The destination, the itinerary, the guide, the group and the small size of the group… All the elements were there to allow us to spend an amazing time together in a country full of surprises, history and beauty. Because of the destination I didn't know, the period (It was just during my only two weeks of holidays this summer); and the price corresponded to my budget alhamdulillah. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a must place to go for those who want to learn some history, appreciate natural beauty, eat good and cheap food , meet lovely people…. All that in the same place ! Jazakumallah kheir to have organized this memorable trip. Myriem B, August  2016

Fantastic trip.  Well organised, very informatics guide and good value for money. Would recommend that more people visit Bosnia & Herzegovina.  The scenery is fabulous, the people generous and many, many years of Islamic history. Aysha Divan,  August  2016

Visiting so many beautiful places, and learning about the history (especially the Ottomans). It was also a pleasure to meet many native Bosnians and learn directly from them upsetting to hear stories about the Bosnian conflict. I wanted to visit a part of the world I knew nothing about. I wanted to see a Muslim country in Europe, learn more about its history and see the beautiful scenery of this undiscovered land. Having been there, I would definitely recommend everyone should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina! This trip affected me deeply and I believe it is essential for all Muslims to visit this region, experience what I did and spread the word (which I will certainly do!) Thank you for organising this fantastic tour.Saleema Quraishi, May 2014

The tour guide. She was an important part of the holiday as we spent significant time with her – she was incredibly relaxed, friendly, adaptable and understanding. It was as if we had gone to Bosnia and met an old friend. Her company and expertise certainly enhanced our experience, and I would certainly recommend her specifically to any of my family/friends wanting to go in the future. Also the car was very comfortable and we felt safe with the driver. I have travelled a lot in the past and I chose this country because it was a bit different to the usual holidays and ‘off the beaten track’. The tour itself is the first I’ve done with Islamic Travels, the idea of looking at the Islamic heritage of a place was very appealing. My friend and I thought we would just give it a go and we are glad we did as we enjoyed it thoroughly, so much so we would recommend to all our friends and families and would certainly come back for another visit. The people in the country make the trip and our tour guide Selma, driver Samir and all the other people we were introduced to by them were fantastic and welcoming. They made us feel very safe and were constantly checking for any issues that might compromise our trip, and we were told that the base in London was regularly checking up on us to see if we ok and enjoying ourselves, which I thought was rather nice. Farah Ahmed, May 2014

The Bosnia trip exceeded my expectations, the group was good, Senad, Sahihja, Retno and all the others we met were really good people and guides. The contacts our hosts had made the trip all the more interesting and insightful. The accommodation was really good too. I would and have recommend this trip to others and would do another one of these trips insha Allah.Ayesha Iman_Fisher – May/June 2011

Just a short note to say we had a brilliant time in Bosnia. Great company of companion travellers, just wanted to say for now that it was great on the whole, and gald we went as both our hosts there, Br Senad and Sr Sehija were just so helpful and friendly.Mumtaz Hussain – May/June 2011

We had a lovely trip which exceeded our expectations. We were alhumdulillah in good company -our fellow travellers, and have all become good friends. We learnt alot about our Muslim brothers and sisters in Bosnia, and found bosnia-hertzogovina very scenic and historical. I was pleased to meet such friendly and inspiring people. It is unfortunate the we in the Uk, know so little about what they have suffered and that they continue to face challenges, and could benefit from our support. JazakAllahu khair for organising the trip. Rubina – May/June 2011

Learning about the history and current problems of the region from an experienced guide was invaluable. Visiting historical and cultural sites was another highlight. The visit to the memorial site in Srebenica was extremely harrowing but is essential for all who visit the region to gain an appreciation of the bravery of those who have rebuilt their lives after the war. Finally, visiting the Nahla Centre in Sarajevo was truly inspiring because of the huge efforts put in by a few women to turn their vision of a fairer society into a reality. I enjoyed travelling with the tour group and learnt a lot from individuals. I wanted to travel with a group that was familiar with my needs as a Muslim and that would offer me a real insight into the Islamic history of the region. I was also impressed with the details offered on the travel agent’s official website.
Shahien Khan – May/June 2010

Unique experience a must trip for all the Muslims who are concert of the Muslims living in the UK not just UK but world wide. Bosnia and its people have demonstrated how to fight the Islamic way, they were very careful and very much aware of how Muslims should fight during the war, a very useful lesson to be learned epically for Muslim counties who are currently fighting wars . Amazing explain of how the Muslims live in a community and especially the way they have managed to take care of the women’s need an example for us in the UK to follow I was blessed to take part on the tour the people of Bosnia are very kind and keen for the Muslims from all round the world to visit them. I strongly believe that all the Muslims should support them in rebuilding they lives and the country and make Bosnia one of the hottest destination for they holiday
Nasrin Sayed – May/June 2010

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