Spain: 8 Centuries of Islamic Heritage

Over a thousand years ago, Europe experienced one of its greatest periods of cultural enlightenment. Almost 1000 years of Islamic presence in Spain, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together and prospered in a thriving multicultural civilization. Here, remarkable individuals of different faiths made lasting contributions in such areas as poetry, art, architecture, music, dining etiquette, science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, navigation, textiles, and even hydraulic technology.

The Islamic Heritage tour of Spain takes visitors through an engaging, insightful journey into this critical period in world history. Enjoy and explore the forgotten Islamic civilisation of Spain guided local Spanish Muslims.

Our guides are, Ibrahim Perez Tello and Ahmad Zaruq Summers, both local Spanish natives and converts to Islam providing an authentic and local touch, between them, they have over 30 years of experience. Ibrahim Perez Tello sits on the Alhambra Heritage Board and recognised by the Andalucian Tourist Board of Spain

The package includes:

The package comes WITHOUT flights but includes pick up transfers only from Malaga International airport only, all local transportation within the tour, 4* hotels with breakfast only, local Spanish Muslim guides and entrance fees to sights of visit and more. Each day there will be a brief for the day, spiritual reminders throughout the day with important historical facts and points by our guide and an evening summary.


  • Great Mosque of Cordoba, old Arab and Jewish quarters, The Roman bridge, The Tower of La Calahorra museum, and ruins of the Madinat al Zahra and more.
  • Seville Cathedral (Al-Mohad Mosque), Giralda Tower Museum, and the Alcázar Palace (Al Qasr) and more.
  • Alhambra (fort, palaces & gardens), Albaicin (old Arab Quarter) and New Mosque of Granada and more.

Main Locations:

  • Cordoba
  • Seveille
  • Granada

Optional (additional but after main tour):

  • Muslim forts in Ronda
  • Last Muslim forts in Alpujjara mountains and villages
  • Madrid and Barcelona
  • Combined option with Morocco


As flights to Spain and return are not included in the package, you are advised to make flights according to the dates advertised.

Destination: Malaga International Airport [Airport code: AGP] or your arrival airport
Time: Preferably morning before 12 Noon

Departure date: Advertised end date of tour – or your preferred dates
Time: Preferably evening after 6pm 

Upon arrival to Spain, our Spanish Andalucian operatives will take over all local tour transportation within Spain i.e. within and to cities and places of visit.

If you arrive at Madrid airport or Barcelona airport and want pick up transfer, then the total cost per person will be different and calculated accordingly subject to a minimum number of people arriving for pick up transfer only or you are strongly advised to take the train to Cordoba and meet us at the hotel by 7pm at minimum, and cost of package remains the same as from Malaga.

If you decide to arrive day before or leave day after, this is fine with us but additional stay will be calculated accordingly.


A 4 Star hotels in a convenient location will allow you to easily reach the most famous tourist attractions. Rooms: 2 beds to a room or 1 double bed for couples or 3 beds (triple room) for larger families, en-suite bathroom/shower and toilet , air-conditioning, internet connection, phone, TV and more.

“Thank you for a wonderful tour. We really enjoyed it and have come home full of beautiful images and interesting information. We would very much like to thank Yazeem personally – Thank you again, and look forward to maybe going on another tour with you again”. -, Brandino Machiavelli, UK, – October2014

“I liked the diversity of activities, the number of cities visited and the theme that ran across the tour. I also found our guide, Yaseen to be fantastic and extremely cooperative. He went beyond the call of duty to help us all. As was our driver Antonio. We wanted a short but interesting holiday with the children that was convenient yet informative/educational. We were very interested in discovering the Islamic heritage of Spain and sharing that with our young children. “. -Nizar Al-Musawi and Huda Jawad, UK,October2014

“Once again it was our pleasure to be part of such a wonderful tour and mainly because our group members made it so enjoyable and to our wonderful tour guide Yaseen who went out of his way to help as, understand our needs and made whole experience comfortable. We were fortunate to have a fantastic driver Antonio who made our journey smooth and with ease . My husband and I enjoyed the attractions and the knowledge the guides provided .So thank you we had a good time and looking forward to next tour!”.-Aqida Abbasi, London, UK, – October2014

“Nice and enjoyable break and learnt so much about the history Muslims in Europe that I didn’t know. Now I will tell my teachers about Andalus!”.-Jameelah Begum, London, UK, – April 2014

“Thank you for organising such a great and interest holiday, this was my best holiday ever, thanks to you”.-Aisha Querishi, Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, UK, – July 2013

“Thank you so much for making this trip one of the best I’ve had. Your knowledge of Islamic Spain is astonishing and your passion, energy, enthusiasm”.– Hauwa, Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, UK, – July 2013

“The experience was inspirational, enlightening and amazing”.– Mohamed Taalat and the Saskatoon Misbah Islamic School, Canada – April 2013

I liked the way the tour was organized in terms of places to visit, and it seems to me that we spent the adequate amount of time in each place. Also, the guide was always friendly and willing to accommodate any requests, and the fact that he could speak fluently both the native language and English made our life much easier. Because I wanted to know the Islamic legacy in Spain, and thought that the best way to do it would be with an Islamic oriented tour with other Muslims.– Rita Teresa Silva Camilo, Easter 2011

The guide was very knowledgable and it was organised well.– Siddiq Fazaluddin, Easter 2011

Excellent tour, very good value for money. Very professional, learnt a lot about Islamic History. Great food and really enjoyed my holiday. – Rommmana Begum, Autumn 2010

“I used to think Canada was the most beautiful place on Earth. That is until I visited Islamic Spain. An I truly do no think it would have been so profound had I not gone with a Muslim tour group. The commentary was relevant to our Muslims roots (commentary I would not have gotten with a non-Muslim group). The restaurants we were treated to were all halal. And the evening activities were priceless, like visiting the local Muslim community on their farm. Truly inspiring and unforgettable! Ma Sha Allah” – Muhammad Al Shareef (Founder of Al Maghrib Institute), July 2010

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