Frequently Asked Questions

Allah says in the Qur’an: “Say (O Muhammad), ‘Travel through the earth and observe the end of those before you.' Most of them worshipped others besides God.” (Al-Rum, 30:42)

We believe Islamic travel is not limited to halal food and the provision of prayer facilities. Through our tours we hope to provide an opportunity for participants to raise their spiritual awareness, broaden their horizons, learn from the past, and recognise the many bounties that Allah has bestowed upon us, all within an environment where Muslims do not have to compromise their faith or values. This includes aspects such as the provision of wholesome locally produced food, avoiding places where alcohol and lewd behaviour might be prevalent, making suitable arrangements for daily prayers, and ensuring that the interactions with all stakeholders are ethical and sensitive.

We aim to follow in the footsteps of some of the great Muslim travellers such as Mansa Musa, Ibn Battuta, Zheng He, Al-Muqaddisi and Ibn Jubair amongst others.

Our target audience has traditionally been Muslims who have wanted to explore their heritage in different parts of the world. However, in recent years increasing numbers of people from other faith backgrounds or none have shown interest in visiting Muslim heritage sites in places as diverse as Bosnia, Ghana, Uzbekistan and India. With all our packages the aims and ethos are centred on spiritual awakening and thankfulness to God. Another important feature is getting to know local people regardless of their faith and background.

With so much information related to travel at our fingertips it has never been easier to plan a holiday. And yet people often do not have the time or patience to arrange such journeys, particularly if they are interested in seeing lesser known parts of the world where the logistics are complex and there are limitations in regards to language, safety and accessibility. Research has also shown that those who spend too much time searching for the cheapest options often end up seeing very little of the places they visit and are unable to fully benefit from the travel experience.

Our packages have been carefully planned in conjunction with local partners whose knowledge and nuanced understanding brings history, culture and society alive, resulting in a richer and more memorable experience than simply following a guide book or bullet points on websites.

There are many spiritual and economic benefits of travelling as a group:

  • Several Prophetic narrations indicate the importance of not travelling alone and having an Amir (leader), similar to congregational prayers and other facets of living in communities.
  • Safety and support
  • Making new friends
  • Lower costs per head due to sharing transport, guides and other common services

Most relevant information related to our trips is shared on the website and can be provided on request. However, specific details are only disclosed to those who have completed their reservation.

A lot of history and culture is learnt through people's experiences and not just from monuments or museums. Spending time with local communities helps us connect with them, understand their reality, and creates a genuine sense of brotherhood and friendship.

The dates for our scheduled tours are generally fixed but if there is sufficient demand from group members small changes can be accommodated. Similarly, if there is a group of individuals who wish to visit a particular destination we can build a tour around their preferred dates and invite others.

This is certainly possible depending on the group size and itinerary.

Our tours are open to everyone and the groups are generally mixed. While there is no gender segregation in place we do expect participants to observe Islamic etiquettes and be respectful towards one another. Separate tours or retreats can be arranged for men and women upon request.

We encourage female travellers to come with a mahram. However, this may not always be possible or practical, therefore they are welcome to join our trips alone or with friends. Tours will be led by a local guide in conjunction with a group leader (amir) who together will ensure that the travel experience is safe.

The type and amount of clothing to take will depend on the climate and whether there are local variations in weather at the time of the trip. In general we encourage participants to dress modestly.

The numbers vary depending on the destination, package and time of year. Groups have had as few as 5 participants or as many as 50, but typically the size range is 15-20.

We do not offer travel insurance. Participants are therefore advised to arrange this themselves.

While there are no limits in regards to age the nature of our tours is such that they usually involve a certain amount of walking as well travel from one location to another. This can vary depending on the tour programme. As long as you are mobile and there are no major health issues you are welcome to join most trips. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If you have any specific health conditions these should be mentioned in confidence at the time of registration.

Itineraries have been arranged to accommodate prayer times. Prayers will be observed in mosques that are visited or other suitable locations.

Participants are recommended to consult a doctor or other healthcare professional prior to visiting any destination to ensure that any medical requirements are satisfied.